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    The BE ART colour range includes 50 different shades.

    Pearlescent metallic powder pigment for epoxy, art, boards, soaps and jewellery.

    The colour pigments have a beautiful metallic effect and can be mixed together to create countless different combinations. Pigment powders are permanent, which means they will not lose colour or fade over time. They are easy to use and understand for professionals and beginners alike. Our colours are non-toxic, animal-friendly, non-irritating, stain-free and gentle on the skin.


    + high colour depth and purity
    + impressive brilliance effects
    + easy processing
    + wide choice of colours
    + non-toxic

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    Pigments are mixed to 1-15% of the total weight depending on the desired end result. It is advisable to add the colouring powder little by little until you achieve the desired tinting strength.

    You can apply the pigment with a brush to the surface of the mould or mix it with epoxy.

    Due to differences in the screens, the tone of the picture may differ from the real product.

    Net weight 15g

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