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  • Working with epoxy abc

    The ABC of working with epoxy

    We'll share some tips for working with epoxy if you're just starting out.

    We'll share some tips for working with epoxy if you're just starting out:

    1. Safety first - use rubber gloves and a respirator to protect yourself when working with epoxy. You can also put an apron on if you like, so you don't get your clothes dirty. Work in a well-ventilated room.
    2. Plan - Think about the design of the product you want to make and what you need. Prepare the colour pigments, epoxy, decorations (sand, crystals, pebbles, etc.), measuring cups, mixing sticks, silicone moulds, burner, etc. you will need.
    3. Follow the instructions - Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when mixing epoxy and resin! Each manufacturer's instructions for making epoxy resin are different, so check that the pouring ratio is correct.
    4. Mixing is important - take time to mix the epoxy. Mix the resin and hardener thoroughly for several minutes to ensure that the epoxy is mixed and to reduce the risk of various errors occurring during epoxy solidification. By mixing slowly, you will create less air bubbles in the epoxy.
    5. Burn off the air bubbles - once you have poured the epoxy into the mould, be sure to burn off the air bubbles. This will keep the job nicer and cleaner. You can use a torch or a hot air blower to do this.
    6. Give it time - don't be in a hurry to take your work out of the silicone mould. Let the epoxy set for at least 24 hours.
    7. Finishing - if necessary, lightly sand the whole job with sandpaper to sand off sharp corners and edges.
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