Poplar Burl 750 x 370/260 x 52


Black poplar trees (Populus nigra) sometimes produce irregular forms of stem growth, which produce hundreds of rot and knots concentrated on the trunk of trees. As a result, a very attractive wood texture is formed (ing. Burl). The creamy-golden wood is almost completely covered with brown to reddish-brown small nodules.

The coarsest black poplar in Estonia grew in the garden of The Kazan Church in Tallinn on Liivalaia Street in Tallinn, the circumference of the tree was 698 cm. According to Wikipedia, it broke in 2004. Usually poplar grows to a height of 30-40m, with a diameter of 2m. In Estonia, it is also a common park tree. Black poplar is the most long-lived species of poplar, growing up to 300 years.

Poplar burl is a very fine and rich wood. Very decorative, also suitable as a painting on the wall. The wood is soft and easy to work with it even by hand with sharp tools. After polishing, an amazing look appears, the curly blade looks like a silk fabric that has fallen on the surface, which changes color when viewed from every angle- it is extremely beautiful! Arguably one of the best riverboard components.

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750 x 370/260 x 52 mm

On sale a specific plank in the picture. Joinery dry, ready for immediate processing.

Arrives in Estonia 27.09.2021

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