Ink Green


Concentrated colored ink – Green (10 ml)
Drop a highly concentrated paint ink drop into the already mixed epoxy resin mixture. The more paint is added, the stronger the saturation. All colors can be mixed with each other according to the law of color theory , e.g. blue + yellow = green.


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One bottle (10 ml) is enough to paint 3.75-7.5 kilograms of epoxy resin (depending on the color).

Recommended amount of paint for 1 kg of epoxy resin mixture (resin + hardener):
For a transparent color effect: 45 drops (1.8 g),
For a transparent white and black color effect: 15 drops of dye (0.6 g),
For translucent color effect (except white): 33 drops (1.2 g) of colored color and 15 drops (0.6 g) of white color,
For translucent white color effect: 45 drops of white paint (1.8 g)